I have wood!

The tiny house, solar panel and wood storage in the back

The tiny house, solar panel and wood storage in the back

I have wood!

Last winter was soooo cold – the coldest winter the northeast has had in generations. I moved into my little house in January, at the start of a record-breaking cold front that just sat on our part of the United States and wouldn’t get up until March. The house was well insulated and I bought a very efficient stove but, due to other moving expenses, I wasn’t able to stock up on cords of wood prior to moving in.

My friends were so helpful. Many have acres of land with trees that have been down since hurricane Irene. My boyfriend and I did not have to pay for wood at all last winter – but he had to go out in the cold and snow to cut it into rounds and transport it to me, and then we both would split it once it was at our tiny house – a tough enough job as it is, that shouldn’t be done during the throws of any winter.

This year I vowed to stock up ahead of time. Our friend Chris gave us rounds from her property (about half a cord once it’s split), and I just had my first cord of wood delivered yesterday – the second cord coming at the end of the month.

We are going to seal up some of the drafty areas we noticed (like under the bathroom and around the bedroom loft) and then we will be ready for our first properly cozy winter in the tiny house.


2 thoughts on “I have wood!

  1. Sheri says:

    Just found your blog…loving it! I’ve been really thinking about going off grid for the last couple of years. My husband is only slightly on board. But beginning more on board with each passing day. Our hesitation is a little fear over how to get started. So I have been trying to increase my knowledge on the subject. Your blog, which I litterly found ten minutes ago, is a big help. You cover so very much. I am going to keep reading. Thank you.

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