Just in time!

Chase and Alex burying our 3 water tanks.

Chase and Alex burying our 3 water tanks.

Chase buried our water tanks last week, just before a cold front and below freezing temperatures. But it wasn’t without some close calls!

It was hard enough trying to bury and fill the tanks in the cold (lesson learned: do this type of work as far in advance, during the warmer spring/summer/fall months, as possible!).

But then we had to deal with the soil itself and it was quite a mess. The contractor who dug the hole for our tanks took Chase’s request to “make the hole as close to the tiny house as possible” to heart, and we had about a foot of clearance. So we wanted to get the tanks in asap – not just because of the coming cold but because of the integrity of the ground. The soil around us is mostly clay and we didn’t want the dirt wall to weaken and our tiny house to topple in!

We thought we’d have some time to back-fill the rest of the hole around the tank, but the weather thought otherwise. The following day it began to rain. ALL DAY LONG.

In a panic, Chase, Alex, and Mark were out in the freezing rain filling the remaining with dirt. It was a cold, muddy, wet, mess! Probably one of the worse jobs they’ve ever had to do.

“Even worse than shoveling compost?” I asked.

“Even worse!” they said. But they finished in a day, and the tiny house is now secure with no risk of toppling or sinking.

We now have 3 tanks in the ground totaling about 800 gallons of water which we are hoping will get us through the next four months. In the spring we will have a filtered rain-catch/gutter system in place, and the storage tanks can be filled that way from now on.

The next step is to make the insulated cover for the tanks and installing the spiffy hand pump, and we should be good to go for the remainder of the winter!


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