Good Night, Scout


I’ve had my cat, Scout, since my Milwaukee days – he moved with me to New York back in 2003 and had quite the experience transitioning from a city/apartment cat to living tiny and off-grid here at the foot of the Catskill Mountains. Although frail in appearance, he was in good health for such an elderly cat. He still loved to play, steal food and, of course, sleep.

My, Scout, and my tiny house - by my friend, Alex B.

Me, Scout, and my tiny house – by my friend, Alex B.

At the end of March he suddenly became ill. It started off as a simple cold that he just couldn’t seem to shake. He’d bounce back and then, a few days later, he was back to being lethargic with no appetite. He loss the use of his back legs and was having acute stomach pain. At the start of spring, just shy of his 18th birthday, I made the difficult decision to let him go. Scout_missyou

He was a wonderful companion, and had a long life filled with adventure and mischief. I am glad I had the chance to share my journey with such a sweet little soul. I will miss you, Scout.


5 thoughts on “Good Night, Scout

  1. I know the feeling, the grief, the sorrow, the void. Many times in my life have I lost a friend just as you have lost Scout. Less than two weeks ago, Dasha, the sweet little teckel with one eye blue and the other grey, left for a place without pain…

    May Scout be peaceful and happy in his new adventures. And may your wound recede into a collection of beautiful memories.

    All the best,


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