Spring Cleaning

Now that the weather is cooperating it’s time to get things done outside.

Tiny House - May 2015

Tiny House – May 2015

We’ve tidied-up the yard and Chase did some season repair and cleaning on the chimney. We also had the water tanks we buried last fall exhumed. The plan to bury water tanks in the ground in order to get us through the winter definitely worked, but accessing the water was still a pain. This fall we want to build a green house off the southern side of the tiny house and see if the sun (along with the heat from our wood stove) will keep the water above freezing. It would be much easier for us to access and we’d have the added bonus of our own green house/mud room to start seedlings.

On that note, I’ve been attempting to garden. Unlike Chase, I do NOT have a green thumb, so we’ll see how this goes. The excavator we used to bury (then re-fill) the hole for the water tanks left some barren patches in the shade. My plan is to fill these spaces with flowering shade plants and shrubs for privacy.


Some of the plants I’ve put in the ground look like they are doing well … and some not so well. And I have to keep reminding Ryder not to pee on the heucheras! But we’re both learning and it’s been a fun experiment so far lol.

Ryder enjoying the porch.

Ryder enjoying the porch.

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