Thinking Spring

We had such a mild winter this year! But let me tell you, it’s a welcomed change from the severe cold we experienced since my transition to tiny house living.

Early spring-like weather means early winter clean-up: organizing wood piles for next year, doing needed outside house repairs, and planning for upcoming summer projects – like working on a “micro house” made from 95% reclaimed materials.


The teeny, tiny “micro house”!

Chase has been thinking of ways to utilized slab wood (the wood left over from milling trees) besides just as firewood. Chase started making some slab wood raised beds at our property so that we can have our own little garden this year.


Ryder hoping for a game of frisbee

As for upcoming projects, there’s a lot we want to tackle: redesigning the composting area, installing the pretty red gutters we were gifted for a rain-catch system, seeing if my perennials survived and planting more, figuring out what deep-cycle batteries will work best for powering our little d/c refrigerator and, as always, attempting to perfect our water storage system so it won’t freeze next winter.

Here’s to the sunny days ahead. 🙂

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