Micro Movin’

Our move of the micro was a success! We’re happy it has a new home and happy to be able to introduce educators and artists to living tiny, sustainably, and off-grid!


On our way!


Made it!


Getting help from our friend Jimmy.


Getting hooked up.


Perfect spot!


Putting it into place.

We’ve been adopted!

The move to our new property was flawless thanks to the help of many local friends and loved ones. And we’ve completed the prep work to move the micro-house next!

We’ve been working on our new property since January with only the usual animals making an appearance (owls, deer – LOTS of deer – fisher cats, foxes, etc). And then suddenly, the day we moved our home, we had a new visitor:

He’s been around every day since our first night on the property. We’ve named him “Bones” since he is cantankerous like Dr. McCoy from Star Trek and is very skinny. Our dog Ryder isn’t amused, but Bones stands his ground! They’ve evidently called a truce and just stay out of each other’s way.

Home Sweet Home

2018 is off to an amazing start for us, and so much more is in store. We have our own land! And it is absolutely beautiful – with a stream, majestic layers of bluestone cliffs, a wetland, trails, and an amazing hardwood forest. Stay tuned!