Lights! And info on our d/c system

Our tiny house runs almost exclusively on a 12volt d/c system powered by one 200 watt solar panel and two deep cycle marine batteries. The whole system – panel, batteries, and wiring – cost us about $700 in total.

We have a small a/c inverter that we use for charging the laptop and blender, but everything else in our house runs on d/c. D/c uses less energy and is more efficient than a/c. The wiring is easier to install by yourself and is much safer to handle than a/c electricity.

RVs, boats, and cars run on 12volt systems and so you can reclaim automotive lights and use RV appliances in your house.

Chase and I have RV flush mount lights in our bathroom, kitchen, and back room (“office”). In the sleeping loft we placed two reclaimed automotive  lights as a temperary fix until we could agree on how we wanted the loft lights to be.



The automotive lights work perfectly with our system – but aren’t attractive. We didn’t want to use standard, store-bought fixtures for the loft, but wanted to create something to camouflage the automotive lights. Chase has been adding natural wood touches throughout the tiny house. A friend gave us a roll of faux rice paper and we made a quick cover.


Very simple! The ironwood around the light matches the ironwood accents Chase made on the loft stairs, and the rice paper creates a lovely glow. 🙂