Winter Prep

The last few weeks have been busy! In October we started prepping for the winter months ahead.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I moved into my tiny house for the first time during January of 2012 – the coldest winter the Northeast had seen in decades. Because of all the work that was needed to finish the house before the really heavy snow hit, we did not have enough time to get our wood prepared ahead of time. Chase and I made it through that frigid winter, but the entire experience made an indelible mark on me. Ever since that winter  I’ve been fanatical about having enough cords of seasoned wood on hand and ready. This year Chase, with the help of our friends and volunteers from Bard College, definitely came through.


Chase splitting wood and Ryder trying to play frisbee.

The picture above captures just a bit of what we have ready this year. I think we have more than enough wood for this winter, and enough to take us into next winter, too!

The other important project that we are finishing is setting up our new water system. Last fall we we buried two tanks in the ground to get us through the winter and used a hand-pump to bring water into the house. This worked well enough, but the water table around our house is too high to keep tanks buried in the ground as a long term solution (they were floating!), and so this year we decided to find a way to store them above ground instead.


Working on the water box.

Chase decided to build an insulated box in which to store the tanks. The box was built on the wall against our wood stove and we have a heat protected vent directs air into the box in order to keep the water tanks above freezing.

The box is complete. We’re using a remote temperature sensor to monitor the heat inside of the box and so far so good. The last step is to fill the two water tanks with water from the well, and then secure the hand pump.

So far things are working well. The box definitely holds the heat from the wood stove. But we won’t truly know if it will keep the water in the tanks above freezing until our first stretch of below zero weather. Keep your fingers crossed! 🙂